Spousal Maintenance And Child Support

Married couples often take on different responsibilities, balancing their roles to fit the needs of their family. When the marriage later ends, a spouse who did not complete his or her education or work outside of the home may not have the same abilities to be self-sufficient. Spousal maintenance helps to account for these disparities.

Similarly, child support helps balance out financial and responsibility differences between couples when children are involved.

At Golda R. Jacob & Associates P.C., a Houston, Texas, family law firm, we serve as dedicated advocates who represent clients in all aspects of their divorce, including issues related to support. Our lawyers understand the nuances of this complex area of law and are skilled at assisting clients who need support after a divorce, as well as those who are fighting unrealistic requests from their spouse.

Understanding Spousal Support Laws In Texas

Texas spousal maintenance laws have historically made it difficult for a spouse to secure court-ordered, long-term alimony payments after a divorce. Although recent amendments to the law allow more spouses to collect support, the statutes are still more restrictive than many other states.

Court-ordered alimony is typically available only when one spouse can demonstrate that he or she is unable to provide for his or her own reasonable minimum needs. In order to succeed in securing maintenance, the couple must have been married for at least 10 years, or there must be a documented history of domestic violence. In addition, the spouse seeking maintenance must show that he or she has tried to find a job and become self-sufficient.

In contrast, child support is based on much more rigid calculations.

Regardless of the issues, we tailor our counsel to the immediate and long-term unique needs of each client.

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