Rights And Duties

Parenting comes with not only rights but also a wide variety of responsibilities. Parents are called on to keep their children safe, to protect them and to make decisions that serve their best interests. However, as any parent knows, not every decision has a clear answer.

At Golda R. Jacob & Associates P.C., a Houston, Texas, family law firm, we work closely with parents who are struggling to make important decisions with a co-parent. Whether the parents have recently divorced, been separated for years or were never married, our lawyers have the skill to help clients find workable agreements that put their kids first.

Experienced Representation For Parenting’s Hardest Decisions

As a parent, you make decisions for your children every day. Yet, many important issues become complex and contentious when you and a co-parent disagree about what is in a child’s best interests.

We represent clients in mediations and negotiations with co-parents, helping to ensure that their voice is heard and their children are protected. Our experienced attorneys also work with clients who utilize parenting coordinators and parenting facilitators to help them work through disputes. When these methods do not work, we aggressively advocate in court, preparing compelling arguments that highlight our clients’ concerns and opinions on decisions involving:

  • What school a child attends
  • Whether a child will receive counseling or other mental health services
  • Whether a child will take certain medications or receive vaccinations
  • What elective medical and dental procedures a child will undergo
  • Whether a child will be brought up in a certain religion or culture

At Golda R. Jacob & Associates P.C., we are counselors, problems solvers and advocates for parents who are navigating difficult parenting and co-parenting issues. We work closely with clients to learn about their goals and concerns and then utilize a team of experts and our own experience and insight to help them defend their right to parent.

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