Parenting Facilitators And Parenting Coordinators

Co-parenting can be incredibly difficult for any couple. While parents often agree that they want to make decisions that are in their children’s best interests, they may disagree about what that means or what their children need.

At Golda R. Jacob & Associates P.C., a Houston, Texas, family law firm, we work with many clients who struggle with joint managing conservatorships or shared parenting responsibilities. Often, these families can benefit from the use of parenting facilitators and parenting coordinators.

Houston Parenting Coordinators

Parenting coordination is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) focused on ensuring that children are protected from the conflicts that often arise between co-parents. Coordinators are often trained mental health professionals or legal professionals with extensive mediation training who have the skills to help high-conflict parents resolve disputes.

In Texas, parenting coordinators are bound by similar confidentiality rules as mediators. This gives parents the freedom to seek their insight and assistance without worrying that information they provide will be sent back to the court and used against them in future proceedings.

Houston Parenting Facilitators

Much like parenting coordinators, parenting facilitators work with high-conflict parents to help them make decisions that benefit their children. However, parenting facilitation differs in that it allows and encourages facilitators to report to parents, attorneys and the court what decisions are in a child’s best interests and how parents are working together to meet their children’s needs.

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