Multi-State Divorce Issues

When divorces contain issues that fall under the jurisdiction of multiple states, another layer of complexity is added. Either spouse might currently be living in Texas, but if the other spouse has resided in another state for six months or longer, nuanced issues related to property division, custody and support issues may come into play.

Every state contains its own specific jurisdictional issues that must be addressed in these cases. First and foremost, it is necessary to determine what court is one filing for the divorce. If one does not properly understand this, the process can be delayed significantly, in addition to lost money.

If you and your loved ones are faced with divorce issues in multiple states, it is important to partner with an experienced law firm that can efficiently guide you through the process.

Our lawyers at Golda R. Jacob & Associates P.C. have experience in hundreds of some of the state’s most complex family law cases. This has prepared the team for any multi-state issues you may be addressing. We will work directly with you, helping you reach an ideal resolution to military, relocation and enforcement issues, among others. As necessary, we can call on our network of experts to reach ideal outcomes with respect to valuation.

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