Traditional litigation is not the right choice for every family or situation. Often, going to court turns an already difficult situation into a drawn-out battle that pushes relationships to their breaking points. Family mediation offers many families an affordable, efficient alternative.

At Golda R. Jacob & Associates P.C., a Houston, Texas, family law firm, we serve as zealous advocates not only at trial, but also in alternative dispute resolution processes like family mediation. Our top priority is protecting clients’ rights while they work with their former spouse or a co-parent to establish a workable, mutually beneficial arrangement that serves the best interests of their entire family.

An Effective Advocate And Mediator

In addition to being a dedicated advocate, partner Golda Jacob also serves as a certified family law mediator. In this role, she sets aside her advocacy skills and focuses on guiding clients through difficult conversations so that they can craft agreements tailored to their unique needs.

Drawing on her extensive experience as a lawyer, she gives parties the framework to develop comprehensive parenting plans that the court will accept and enforce. Throughout the process, she asks both parties to answer hard questions and pulls out the issues that are most important to each person, so that they can build plans for the future that help the family thrive.

Contact A Harris County Certified Divorce Mediator

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