Following a divorce, it is important to realize that parties are bound by law to adhere to the judgments set out by the court in a family law proceeding. When people fail to do so, they can be held in contempt of court.

Unfortunately, all too often people violate and disregard these orders for myriad reasons. It goes without saying that failing to adhere to them has a real impact on families.

If someone is violating a court order and it is affecting you and your loved ones, it may be possible to use contempt action in the form of arrears or garnishment to obtain the accountability you deserve. That said, working through these issues requires the skill of an experienced legal team.

Having worked on these issues for decades, we at Golda R. Jacob & Associates P.C. understand the turmoil that a violation of an order can cause. Our Texas enforcement lawyer will work directly with you to understand your needs and circumstances. From there, we will bring our experience and comprehensive knowledge to help you resolve them efficiently and effectively, in a way that elevates your loved ones’ and your well-being.

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