Divorce For Business Owners And Executives

Business owners, executives and other highly compensated professionals must address property division issues that individual contributing professionals, and even mid-level managers do not need to address in divorce. In the case of an individual business practice, one must delineate between accounts receivable, office assets and compensation; it is not possible to value a reputation. In the case of executives, they may have stock or performance options that are immensely difficult to value and divide.

If you are working through these and similar issues, we are prepared to put our experience to work for you.

At Golda R. Jacob & Associates P.C., a Houston, Texas, family law firm, we provide high-caliber legal advocacy that is both practical and aggressive. Our lawyers work closely with clients to identify their goals, seek creative opportunities for agreement and execute strategic plans to pursue successful resolutions to assets, including:

  • Executive compensation
    • Stock option plans
    • Stock purchase plans
    • Retirement benefits
  • Employee profit-sharing plans
  • Pension funds
  • Defined benefit plans
  • Executive bonus
  • 401(k)s

We assemble a team of experts – including forensic accountants, appraisers, CPAs and tax experts – to help gather information, advise clients and contribute to compelling arguments that support our clients’ goals.

We fight vigorously on behalf of clients in these matters, offering strategic, personalized advice tailored to each client’s situation. Our lawyers often represent clients in negotiation settlements and at trial, protecting their rights and their best interests.

To get in touch and schedule a consultation with an experienced Houston property division attorney, contact Golda R. Jacob & Associates P.C. at 713-489-5656.